Console Game Initial Design

Console Game Design Cutting edge is not sharp enough. It's time to innovate ... see more

Casual Card Game Design

Card Game Design When everyone is running one way, it's a good idea to run the other ... see more

Casual Facebook Game Design

Facebook Game Design Fifteen minutes is an awkward span of time in the annals of leisure. It's just enough time to start doing something and simultaneously not enough time to accomplish anything ... see more

Gamified Mobile App Design (2011)

Mobile Game Design Some treat mobile design as though it's rocket science; others slap it together like Duplo - neither approach sits well in my mind ... see more

Collectable Card Game Design (2000)

Card Game Design Invented by fellow mathematician Richard Garfield, "Magic: The Gathering" is a CCG that needs no introduction to anyone versed in Nerdology ... see more

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