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Backyard Wrestling 2

Genji PS2 Game Review Get Offa My Lawn Ever wonder what it feels like to jump off your buddy's roof and spear a knee into him? Curious as to exactly how much damage barbed wire on a baseball bat can really do? Want to find the answers to these mysteries without seeing the back of a squad car? Then the wide, wide world of Backyard Wrestling is for you unless you've already been there and done that, in which case you deserve the squad car, and probably the nightstick, too. Ditto for your buddy. The same curiosity that spurs society to have The Bearded Lady stand abreast with a Beefalo seems to be the driving force behind the sub-moronic 'sport' of beating people up in your backyard. Unlike the circus freakshow, though, Backyard Wrestling 2 is neither unique nor endearing ... full review

Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Genji PS2 Game Review A Quick Kill Does a gourmet dish taste better when there's less of it? Hunger being the best spice, we're always going to want more of a good thing until we're satisfied. And we want more Genji. Sony's samurai showstopper turns out to be a prime example of how to prepare an audience for a sequel, giving just enough to warrant praise, but ultimately dissolving too soon to earn top honor ... full review

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

GTA: Vice City Stories PSP Game Review Sin Is In Every evening, kiddies nationwide are exposed to cocaine use, military corruption, murder, prostitution, and light animal porn, all within an hour. Then after tuning out the evening news, they go searching in their parents' closets, pot stashes and gun cases for the vices they just saw on TV. Here's hoping they find Rockstar's new Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories first. While it doesn't feature anything they haven't seen a hundred times, Rockstar's latest is still one of the best vices around ... full review

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

GTA: Vice City Stories PSP Game Review Super Stupid Marvel Nemesis is hard to resist. Billed as a third-person fighting game romp featuring a collection of Marvel superheroes, it tickles the nerd nerves. The intriguing box art alone (Iron Man and Venom standing right next to each other?!) is sure to jumpstart geek hearts from here to Krypton. Inarguably, it's an exciting proposition... but inarguably, it's a sucky game. Once you've taken Marvel Nemesis through its paces, you'll pierce its glinty armor with your newfound eye beams of license abuse and try to toss it into the local penitentiary for the rest of its unnatural born life ... full review

Mega Man Powered Up

GTA: Vice City Stories PSP Game Review The Power of Blue Hardly a week goes by anymore without a new Mega Man game showing up at GR. Most recently we've seen him collected on the consoles and hunted on the PSP, but his latest is a whole new kind of retread. Mega Man: Powered Up delivers a controversial look and feel to the franchise with googly eyes and giant heads, but don't let the fresh taste fool you. Underneath its childish exterior lies an abundance of terrific gameplay and an awesome toolset, leading to a truly mega package ... full review

Mega Man ZX

GTA: Vice City Stories PSP Game Review You Got: A Refund! When Capcom started running out of proper nouns to use for their boss robots, they should have gone straight into verbs. Sure, "Teleport Man" and "Regenerate Man" might not have been any better than "Dust Man" and "Centaur Man", but every Verb Man power would give a memorable new ability, guaranteed. Just imagine where the series would be today if every sequel had brought new abilities like that. You got: "Something Awful" Capcom's designers have instead been at work blending classic Mega Man Zero gameplay with an open world setting to bring us an interesting series entry, Mega Man ZX. Just as the game blurs the boundaries between action and adventure, its story occurs in an era when the boundaries between humans and robots are transparent ... full review

Starfox: Command

GTA: Vice City Stories PSP Game Review Back to the Choppa! When Starfox fell out of his ship, stumbling unwittingly into the 3D puzzle-platformer hell of Starfox Adventures, my dusty copy of good old Starfox 64 became a treasured artifact. With a quick study, the relic reminds us what used to be right with the franchise and what went wrong in the seven years since Fox last visited the stars. Starfox Command returns the series to its former upward trajectory by ordering Starfox back to the cockpit where he belongs. Graciously glossing right over the awkwardly slapped-together Dinosaur Planet episode, Starfox Command takes place after the Starfox team has defeated Andross and disbanded... in other words, after Starfox 64. With its lack of raptor references, we aren't sure when exactly Starfox Command is supposed to be happening, but hey! Evil fishmen are invading Lylat! Look over there ... full review

State of Emergency 2

GTA: Vice City Stories PSP Game Review 911 is a Joke Hailing from the Bronx, NY, a riot is my version of Disneyland. Instead of tickets for playing skeeball, we get televisions for fence-jumping. Forget about the rush of a rollercoaster - running from a squad car is where the real adrenaline's at. Mickey Mouse has nothing on the SWAT Turtle. It'd be great to relive the circus of a riot on a nice, new plasma screen, except if you chose to fire up State of Emergency 2. Then you'd only be asking for trouble. Though it claims to re-ignite the fire of its mediocre predecessor, all it manages to do is make breaking the law totally lame again ... full review

Terminator 3: The Redemption

GTA: Vice City Stories PSP Game Review Arnold's Foreign Policy With their usual play-through-the-movie approach, it's easy to see why games based on movies are a tough sell to gamers who, expecting a fresh, interactive experience, get a $40 license and a $10 game. The first attempt to cash in on T3, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, turned out to be an overpriced frisbee. But like the nearly indestructible robot, the franchise isn't going down without an exhausting fight. Luckily, Terminator 3: The Redemption saves some of the license's credibility and is actually decent enough to deserve a rainy day rental ... full review

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